File Format Conversion

In order to convert files in ConKit, we need to use the ConKit I/O framework.


ConKit I/O framework consists of three main functions that handle the relevant parsers: read(), write() and convert(). The latter effectively uses the former two but handles everything in one step.

1. Files can be read in ConKit’s internal hierarchies using simple Python code.

>>> import
>>> msa ='toxd/toxd.a3m', 'a3m')

2. Sequence hierarchies can also be written in a similarly easy format. Using the “msa“ hierarchy we have created above:

>>> import
>>>'toxd/toxd.mfa', 'fasta', msa)

3. To convert file formats in single call, you can use the :func:`` function.

>>> import
>>>'toxd/toxd.a3m', 'a3m', 'toxd/toxd.mfa', 'fasta')

You can convert these files to many different other formats, for a full list check out the Table of available file formats.