conkit.plot.sequencecoverage module

A module to produce a sequence coverage plot

class SequenceCoverageFigure(hierarchy, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: conkit.plot._figure.Figure

A Figure object specifically for a Sequence coverage illustration.

This figure will illustrate the coverage of sequences at each position in the provided alignment. It counts the frequency of sequences at which a residue is present and plots it.

This figure can be particularly useful in cases where domain boundaries could be redefined. It is also useful in cases where only parts of your alignment are well covered, and thus trimming the alignment might produce much more accurate Evoluationary Covariance predictions.


>>> import conkit
>>> msa ='toxd/toxd.a3m', 'a3m')
>>> conkit.plot.SequenceCoverageFigure(msa)


hierarchy A ConKit SequenceFile


redraw() Re-draw the plot with updated parameters

A ConKit SequenceFile


Re-draw the plot with updated parameters