Contact Prediction ToolKit

A Python Interface to contact predictions

This project is a result of the continuous struggle using residue-residue contact prediction pipelines, visualisation tools and related software. The aim was to reduce this complexity and provide one unified interface as a basic platform. The resulting platform is the Contact Prediction ToolKit, or ConKit in short.

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Key Features

  • Parsers for Multiple Sequence Alignment and contact prediction files
  • Easy-to-use wrappers for the most-commonly used software, e.g. HHblits, Jackhmmer, CCMpred, PSICOV, ...
  • Many convenience functions for prediction-structure matching, determination of True Positive contacts, calculation of MSA and contact prediction statistics, etc.


ConKit was presented at the CCP4 Study Weekend 2017. To view the presentation slides, click here.


There are two ways by which you can contribute to ConKit:

  1. Submit any suggestions to the GitHub Issue Tracker, or
  2. Fork this repository, commit your changes and submit a pull request.

Found a Bug?

Please use the GitHub Issue Tracker.