Contact Prediction ToolKit

A Python Interface to contact predictions

This project is a result of the continuous struggle using residue-residue contact prediction pipelines, visualisation tools and related software. The aim was to reduce this complexity and provide one unified interface as a basic platform. The resulting platform is the Contact Prediction ToolKit, or ConKit in short.

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Key Features

  • Parsers for Multiple Sequence Alignment and contact prediction files
  • Easy-to-use wrappers for the most-commonly used software, e.g. HHblits, Jackhmmer, CCMpred, PSICOV, ...
  • Many convenience functions for prediction-structure matching, determination of True Positive contacts, calculation of MSA and contact prediction statistics, etc.


There are two ways by which you can contribute to ConKit:

  1. Submit any suggestions to the GitHub Issue Tracker, or
  2. Fork this repository, commit your changes and submit a pull request.

Found a Bug?

Please use the GitHub Issue Tracker.