Table of available file formatsΒΆ


If you would like your data format to appear in the table below, please contact us via GitHub.

The following table contains the various different file formats currently implemented in ConKit.

The type of information the file contains
The source of the file
The keyword to be used in ConKit
Hyperlink to the documentation of the relevant parser
Type Format Keyword Parser
Contact Prediction Al-eigen aleigen:sup: AleigenParser
Bbcontacts bbcontacts* BbcontactsParser
BCLContacts bclcontacts* BCLContactParser
Casp RR casp, casprr CaspParser
CCMpred ccmpred CCMpredParser
COMSAT comsat ComsatParser
EPCMap epcmap EPCMapParser
EVfold (EVcouplings) evfold EVfoldParser
Flib flib PconsParser
FreeContact freecontact FreeContactParser
GREMLIN gremlin GremlinParser
map_align mapalign MapAlignParser
MemBrain membrain MemBrainParser
mmCIF mmcif* MmCifParser
Ncont ncont* NcontParser
NeBcon nebcon PsicovParser
Pcons[C|C2|C3] pconsc, pconsc2, pconsc3 PconsParser
Protein DataBank (PDB) pdb* PdbParser
plmDCA plmdca PlmDCAParser
[Meta]PSICOV psicov, metapsicov PsicovParser
Rosetta rosetta+ RosettaParser
SAINT2 saint2 PconsParser
Sequence Alignment A2M a2m A2mParser
A3M a3m, a3m-insertsa A3mParser
Clustal clustal ClustalParser
FASTA fasta FastaParser
Jones jones b A2mParser
Stockholm stockholm StockholmParser

* These formats do not have a write() function.

+ These formats do not have a read() function.

a The a3m-inserts keyword stores the alignment including insert states.

b The jones format corresponds to the HH-suite A2M format.